The Top 5 Benefits of Seeing a Clinical Psychologist

If you’re thinking of visiting an Asheville NC psychologist you might be wondering what the benefits are of seeing a clinical psychologist? Perhaps your uncertain what the difference is between a clinical psychologist vs other mental health professionals? Today we’re going to help dispell some myths surrounding clinical psychology and discuss what sort of benefits a clinical psychologist brings to the table.


1. Clinical Psychologists Help Those With Serious Mental Illness

Trauma, anxiety, and various other mood disorders can impede your usual day to day routine. These issues can hold us back from feeling the happiness that we all deserve. Fortunately, a clinical psychologist can help those of us suffering from such afflictions to move past these issues. Often times this will involve employing a variety of therapeutic techniques that are based on modern neuroscientific research. By speaking to a multitude of factors that can lead to issues with mental health, Dr. Harry can help you to cope and learn about afflictions including PTSD, anxieties and depression. 


2. Enjoy A More Stable Life at Home

Dr. Harry offers couples & family therapy to those who are struggling with issues in their marriage or relationships. Couples counseling can help to strengthen the bonds of a relationship and create further stability in your home. By working together to appreciate not only your inner feelings and thoughts but your partner’s as well. You can develop the skills necessary to heal and strengthen the family.


These practices can help to clarify what each partner thinks or feels about their relationship. It can also help to remove unwanted emotional barriers we have unconsciously built over a lifetime, allowing us to grow closer to our loved ones. Therapy sessions can also help couples develop a sense of working towards a healthy goal and new habits in your life. This can also prevent the experience of stagnation within your relationships.


3. Help Reduce Stress

Everyone could benefit from a little bit less stress in their life. By utilizing mindfulness techniques such as meditation you can reduce your overall stress level. As an experienced psychologist, Dr. Harry can help you employ therapeutic relaxation techniques and in turn healthy coping mechanisms for stress management. 


By learning mindful self-awareness we can learn to mitigate unwanted fear responses and help keep our mind relaxed and unclouded. This can reduce the anxiety associated with mood disorders and even other serious psychological issues. 


4. Cultivate Well-Being 

An experienced clinical psychologist will be able to work with you to develop new habits  and life choices. These can be included in your arsenal of coping mechanisms to mitigate even self-destructive tendencies and choices. Sometimes over a lifetime, we can develop self-injurious thought patterns. These can lead to cycles that reinforce negative feelings in our day to day life. By taking stock of our day to day lives and practicing personal accountability we can work to improve how we think and then how we feed our self-esteem. Especially improve the quality of self-love.


As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Harry will gladly work with you to help you craft a sense of well-being. Her expertise in the field of psychology has shown her that compassion and care are the foundation of the healing process. As you learn to care for yourself, so will you learn to grow and move past your pain.


5. Move On From Your Past

Often times it is difficult to let the past go. Previous pains can linger months or even years after they have occurred. All of us each have elements of our past that we may wish we never had to experience. While it may not be possible to change history, a clinical psychologist can help you to come to terms with that history and move on. By working to let go of intrusive thoughts and harsh memories you can learn to live in the moment again. 


These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg for why you may want to consider meeting with a clinical psychologist. Fortunately, Dr. Sondra Harry is Asheville’s premier clinical psychologist. Let us work with you to overcome your issues, and experience the personal growth you’ve been looking for.